Our Story: Food, Family & Webster

The idea for Buntsy's came to be one day in the summer of 2018 when brother in-laws Marc Julian and Dave Bunts agreed that it was time to share their passion for family, food and fun with the town of Webster. Marc, a man raising his young family in Webster, and Dave, a Webster graduate, current resident and career Chef, agreed there was no better community to begin their business in. They believed that Webster needed an establishment that would: amuse children, provide exceptional service, serve outstanding food and give parents a place to take a break! This is why they agreed, two experiences in one building was a must.

At Buntsy's the customer can choose their own experience! On one hand you can choose the family friendly "play room" where kids are free to express themselves. Here families can view live sporting events, and even play games. On the other hand, the customer can choose an adult experience on the bar side, with live sports, arcade games and on occasion, live music.

The constant, no matter which experience you choose, is delicious food, incredible service, and a knowing that this business was created with the intention of enhancing our community.