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Anthony 8 days ago


Got the Salmon Florentine last time I was in there and let me just say, it was cooked perfectly and the sauce on top of it was absolutely amazing. Eating the salmon, mash, and the sauce with mushrooms and spinach all together was an experience. My tastebuds were loving it! Definitely enjoyed it and looking to try something else off the menu seeing how the Florentine was so amazing.

Christinebuff 9 days ago


Every visit to Buntsys has been great. They have a creative cocktail menu and their food is delicious. I have had a lot on the menu and never been disappointed. The owner Dave is on site and is always willing to accommodate everyone. His staff is friendly and attentive. Will be going back more.

Mcuetz 10 days ago

Tuesday "Double Play Tuesday"

Tuesday has officially become my favorite day of the week, all thanks to Buntsy's Double Play Tuesday Wings. A friend of mine told me about the special so I decided to check it out and WOW!!! Buntsy's has the BEST most PERFECT chicken wings!!! They are perfectly crispy on the outside and yet still perfectly juicy on the inside. After we went that first Tuesday night, we went back 3 more times that week for more wings (pregnancy cravings). There is a great selection of sauces and dry rubs, their garlic parm is amazing and so cheesy. I'm a garlic parm snob so when I first tried Buntsy's garlic parm sauce I was prepared to not like it and I was absolutely taken by surprise by how delicious it was. Now I look forward to every Tuesday because I bring someone new to Buntsy's with me and introduce them to my all time favorite wing spot. As a server at a different restaurant in Rochester who is also famous for their chicken, I do want to add that the service at Buntsy's is great, and buy one get one free orders of wings is an amazing deal so please be sure to tip their great staff off the total price of the bill before the discount so we can all continue to enjoy such a great special and wonderful staff.

Rachelehibbard 17 days ago


Vegetable quesadilla was amazing! Stuffed with veggies and cheese. I was very happy that I ordered it!

Johnny 20 days ago


Best chicken sandwich ive ever had. Flavorful juicy huge chicken piece. So amazing

Melsul18 23 days ago


This is the best soft pretzel I have had at a restaurant (and I have tried a lot!) It is made different, it is soft and buttery and delicious! I tell all of my friends who go to Buntsys that they have to try it. Not to mention it's very large and easily shared with a number of people! I can't wait to try more dishes there.

Marcybracktt 28 days ago


AMAZING! Pot roast is so tender and potatoes and gravy make this the best comfort food dinner every! Nice blend of seasoning! Every meal here has been super delicious!

Jwb about 1 month ago


Wings the best in the area . Food is great every time service is always friendly

Jsmithga about 1 month ago


Highly recommend the grilled chicken wings. Perfectly done and very tasty! The fries (with a side of ranch of course) are so good too!

Kgiacalone 2 months ago


It's the real deal. Enjoyed very much.

Hallzer111 3 months ago


ok Buntsy's I got a bone to pick with you ! i had the JALAPENYO FACE BURGER the other night with my family , had them do it with grilled chicken. first of all why is your staff so GOOD LOOKING ?! second of all my wife will probably leave me because i will never be able to grill a burger as good as the BLEU ON BLACK BURGER ! and lastly a wedny's $.50 frosty will never due now that my kids have had a PEANUT BUTTER NUTTER SHAKE ! thanks alot BUNTSY'S ! guess you will be seeing alot of me and my family !

Hessexpress2 3 months ago


I would have licked the bowl in front of God and everyone if it wasnt so socially taboo. Been a couple times now, each visit better than the last. The haps are on the apps, good glory are they deliciously clever. Staff is attentive, even wiped a cheese spill mid meal from the table. Thats service! And can we talk about that in house made cheddar sauce for a moment??? I would buy it by the barrel if I could. Hands down, Buntsys alone makes life in Webster worth living!!!

Sarahchastain13 3 months ago


So yummy! Came out piping hot, just the right amount of chips. Highly recommend.

Bluekirk12 4 months ago


Loved the buffalo tots! Great appetizer! Had the broccoli French and the Mac and cheese quesadilla! Also had Samantha as server she was awesome !

Gtorregros 6 months ago


This was delicious!! It was loaded with lobster meat, and the buttered toasted roll was perfect. This was accompanied by a ginormous pile of fries!! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Guest 6 months ago


Amazing dish sauce is like nothing I've ever had so good was able to eat the burger in 10-15 minutes

Guest 7 months ago


An appetizer that is a must at every meal!!

Guest 7 months ago


Great burger

Guest 8 months ago


So tender and cheese dip is awesome!

Smccafferty27 9 days ago


Great flavor and large lobster pieces.

Bronxnative718 10 days ago


I am a huge wing lover and the wings here are by far the best i have ever had in Rochester hands down!!! And you can't beat the priceπŸ“

Caleb 14 days ago


Now, there comes a time in every man's life where he reads something that makes him simultaneously ooze a strange liquid out of every orifice. This is exactly what happened to me when I read the description of the 'Up On The Ridge' burger on my first of many visits to Buntsy's. The first ingredient alone was enough to make me cry; Jim Beam brown sugar glazed bacon was printed boldly on the menu. The bacon was followed by grilled onions, pepper jack cheese, and Sweet Dixie BBQ. After ordering a plate of nachos that was bigger than my abdomen, I waited patiently for the burger to arrive, salivating over the thought of the glazed bacon and barbecue combination. The moment that the kind and efficient waitress put the burger down on the table while also topping off my Pepsi was a moment I'll never forget. The smell, incredible. The sight, indescribable. And, the first bite? I blacked out and woke up the next day thinking it was all a sweet sweet dream. It was, without a doubt, one of, if not the best burger I've ever had in my life. I've traveled the entire country, and I've eaten more burgers than I can count. But, right here at my friendly neighborhood Buntsy's is where I found the best one in the country. It didn't empty my wallet. Instead, it simply filled my stomach and my hope for the future of burgers. Thank you, Buntsy's.

Maryw14526 19 days ago


So, we ended our 13 year Anniversary weekend getaway at a local eatery. Over the years this particular location has been many things, to name just a few Millennium, AJ's , Daisy Dukes and now... Buntsy's. My husband and I decided to try this new place and visit our ol' stomping grounds... lol. The outside shell and it's entryway remained the same, but it's interior was beautifully upgraded with both a family dining/play area and an evening/bar area. With just the two of us we decided to sit at the bar for our meal. We were greeted by the most welcoming waitress who was happy to answer all of our one million questions... lol. The menu was filled with lots of yummy choices and made it really hard to choose, but we did it and found a few items to enjoy. We ordered the Crispy Pickle Poppers to share, the Captain America Burger for Aaron and the Lobster Roll for me. Let's start out by saying the poppers were impressive! Who would have thought that dill pickles, cream cheese and bacon wrapped in a sprigroll would have been a perfect combination. Truly a genius move! Next we had my husband's burger. It was nicely made, juicy and full of flavor, even without any condiments (the way he ordered it). When you can accomplish making a tasty burger without having to add condiments for flavor, you've mastered the burger. And lets not forget the Lobster Roll... when they say "Real" on the menu, they mean it! This was true (non imitation / non fillered) Maine lobster mixed with mayo, celery and a hint of lemon on a buttery toasted New England Roll. I had yet to find a local eatery that could capture the taste of Maine, but today that changed. Boy were we pleasantly surprised! This was a true find and ended a beautiful weekend with some amazing eats. We definitely recommend Buntsy's and hope to be back soon. * Also, met the owner today. He is a local who has been in the restaurant business for over 25 years. With his knowledge and experience, he opened this eatery to put his spin on some of the amazing classics. It was a pleasure talking with him and getting to know a little of his back story. We hope to find this place thriving for years to come. Good Luck!

Arnie 20 days ago


Love everything about this place! Have something different all the time and love it!

Snimnum 25 days ago


Absolutely the best Artichoke Spinach Dip I have ever had and that's including my own recipe! It was smothered with cheese and plenty do go around. Plus, the chips were delicious!!!!!

Kgrell70 28 days ago


Had a great fish fry, it was the special tonight. Best fish fry i have had in a long time. Perfect portion,wasn't greasy and the beer batter was tasty! i didn't eat the coleslaw but my husband said it was the best he has ever had! This is the 3rd time we have been there for dinner and the food has been great every time!

Lildanger99 about 1 month ago


Amazing every meal I've had has been amazing. Recommend this place always.

Hallzer111 2 months ago


Tonight out of no where my son said "can we go to Buntsy's for dinner?" Well who am I to argue with a 5 year old who know good food ! Just got a few apps (mozz sticks and some tater tots) and pretty much played all the games (bubble hockey, basketball, cranes) A great time with my kids in a no hassle environment and a friendly staff (Brian, Megan and Kara)

D4ldacreq15 2 months ago


Wings are amazing..sauce is great and are perfectly cooked

Hallzer111 3 months ago


i get a half hour for lunch and went to Buntsy's on Friday at noon . now i was in my work clothes (lil dirty) but was greeted with a smile and a cheery "hi , how you doing today" , sat at the bar and ordered a lemonade. got that right away along with a menu (must have read my mind) went with the buffalo chicken quesadilla ,asked for the chicken grilled. "no problem , i will put that right in !" SO GOOD !! great flavor , fresh tomatoes and crisp lettuce . did not even mention i was on a 30 time limit and was in and out in 23 minutes . looks like i found my new Friday lunch spot !!

Traciehess76 3 months ago


These take fried pickles to the next level. Absolutely amazing and quite possibly the best appetizer I've ever had! Delicious!!

Noreen 4 months ago


Excellent soup!

Erayburn1 4 months ago


I had the reuben with the macaroni salad. The reuben was very good and the macaroni salad was superb. My luncheon companion had a hamburger which WAS not a frozen patty. Fresh ground hamburger grilled to perfection and the French fries were served hot. Both meals were hot and the service was excellent. Looking forward in trying the lobster roll as we intend to make Buntsy's a permanent place to eat.

Mcook02 6 months ago


Incredibly delicious combination! Classic "plate" ingredients artfully assembled plus a fantastic selection of local craft drafts!!

Guest 7 months ago


The pretzel was so tasty and HUGE!! Enough to share between a few friends!

Guest 7 months ago


Best I have had in years!

Guest 8 months ago


Chicken wings perfectly cooked, and the smokey gold is sooo good. Dipping sauce was delicious too!


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